Olympus XA + Slide Film

This will be the second post in a month I've shown images from my Olympus XA. The XA. Before Korea, I shot a lot of slide film (mostly in large format). So although my collection of film has grown, much of it is slide film. Moving from Boston has presented itself with problems of finding a lab to develop my film. I'm currently in between labs, but am leaning towards Citizens.

This roll was shot in Florida when I took a trip out there in the beginning of March.

This roll was shot in Florida when I took a trip out there in the beginning of March.

So if you're unfamiliar with Slide film I'll give you a brief explanation why I like it. Typically people shoot negative film to get enlarged and printed. With Slide film, it was originally intended to be put in a carousel and projected onto a wall, and not to be enlarged. Along came digital and changed all that. Now people shoot slide film because the look it gives film. There are a ton of presets in photoshop that people use to make their digital shots emulate slide film. 

That's not for me. I shoot slide film because of the tones it produces, They are rich, and not exactly contrasty, but the tones are rich. 


Dacora Digna + Cinestill 120 Alpha?!

I don't really remember where I found this camera. After arriving back in the US in january, I was digging through boxes and came upon this camera. I liked it because the lens collapsed into the body of the camera. Also, It's made out of aluminum, so its pretty sturdy. It has similar functionality to the Holga or Diana... Or any toy camera.  


A couple weeks ago... well let's back up a bit. Maybe a year ago, I funded a kickstarter. (when I had some extra dinero lying around) It was for the manufacture of medium format cinestill film. I hadn't shot it before, but If you're a company trying to make film, than I'm you're guy. I had a chance to shoot Cinestill50 a few months ago, and after that experience, I was even more pumped to get this kickstarter backed project rewards in hand.


The film tended to have a lot of weird things happen to it, such as static on the film causing some red streaks, which I've never encountered before, along with some other weird things. Since It's the alpha run, there are bugs being worked out. All in all, I'm really happy with this new film on the market.


Olympus XA

I found this little camera in Tokyo. I was camera hunting for cameras, and I wasn't finding much things I was realistically interested in. Japan's camera market is amazing for vintage cameras, but they're all in superb condition. I tend to prefer the throw aways. Much like buying a fancy brand new, or perfect condition car; a perfectly pristine camera is typically wasted on me. I began collecting because I wanted to use the tool to make an image, not to sit on a shelf.

Intro: The Olympus XA


I decided to make a purchase in one of these shops into something, that I somewhat stumbled onto. I was looking at busted section of the store, and I was curious what camera this was, from the side it looked like a Minox camera because of the orange button. This camera has become one of my stand by cameras, so it may surface occasionally on this blog.


Anyways, onto the photos. Images Shot on some expired roll of Kodak Gold 200