Fujimoto Semi Sport

So this is a story of sheer will. This camera came into my collection as I was traveling the streets of Seoul. If you're unaware of the flea market scene in Seoul, Its enormous. I'd regularly frequent the market when I visited. The city attempted to contain this market by moving it inside, yet it was a futile effort. On the weekends, there would be blocks and blocks of people selling vintage everything Every street looked like this or this. A few streets down, I found this little guy. It had a roll of film, (Which I now know was only the backing paper of a roll of fujifilm) from the early 1950's.  

After quick inspection, I thought it was a great find, only later to realize the shutter lever had been snapped off. It took me several months to track down another one of these cameras in disrepair to harvest its parts.

The Fujimoto Semi Sport is a clone/ knock off of the zeiss folding cameras, much like the Kiev 66 is a Knockoff/ clone camera of a Hasseblad. It was nice shooting 6x645 format, since I tend to shoot square format in 120 film.

Here are a few images I shot not too long ago. I went to a park close to me.

Images shot on Fuji NPS 160.


I guess there was some debris left in the camera I didn't clean out... Created a pretty weird, but interesting image.